Our Wedding in Detail

Our wedding story is available here, but I thought I would go into some detail on the elements. You can then see where we saved money by doing things ourselves and where we paid out. I’ll also give links to tutorials for the crafts and links to business where we used them.

My dressQuiz. Bought online via Debenhams website
His suitMoss Bross
His shoes – Debenhams
Anna’s dress – Amazon. However, I didn’t like the embellishments that it came with so I took them off and added some hair clips instead.
Anna’s shoesMatalan

Fabric bunting – This was borrowed from a friend who made it, you can see how to make some yourself in this YouTube tutorial
Twine Bunting – I made this and it was so easy. Tutorial coming soon!
Scrabble bunting – This is so easy and effective! Tutorial coming soon!
Pot plant centrepieces – These are cheap and easy to do, they are also great to keep and give away as gifts/ thank yous. Tutorial coming soon!
Candles in Jars – What it says on the tin! We asked family and friends to give us any finished glass jars. For me, the more the better, they look great in the evening and used as centrepieces.  Buy a long reach BBQ lighter to light them!

Fresh flowers – I sent out someone to Tesco on the day to buy some ready cut flowers, and we put these in teapots. They looked great. All for a couple of pounds.
My bouquet – Handmade, my pride and joy. Tutorial coming soon.
Button holes – Same as the bouquet. Handmade and tutorial coming soon.
Hanging baskets – In the weeks running up to the wedding me, my mum put together the hanging baskets with cheap bedding plants. You can buy hanging baskets cheap from a poundshop and they look great all summer. I’ll post a tutorial soon with some basic steps and ideas.

Gazebos – All borrowed, we were really lucky to have friends and family who could lend us these, great for cover from sun and rain!
PA/Speakers/ Lights – All borrowed. My father-in-law is a retired DJ so has all the bits to get a party started!
Bubble machine – My daughters bubble machine from Tesco.
Straw bales – We hired these from Party Bales
Drapes on gazebos – This looked better than expected. I bought some cheap net curtains from Ikea and charity sales then hung up and tied ribbon around to give some colour. This was inspired by bigger budget weddings!
Fairy lights – Mainly borrowed from friends and family. We used outdoor solar lights so there weren’t so many cables around. I did splash-out on some watermelon solar lights from Primark too! They were fab for the bar!
Music – Andrew and I put together playlists on Spotify. We had one for the morning to get ready to, one for the afternoon and a party mix for the evening.

Invites and Thank you cards
Photos for thank you cards – I made these using the Pic Collage app, then printed them via Boots.

Cakes – Bought from Tesco and Aldi. We had afternoon tea and this was the easiest option for us. If you have friends/ family who can bake for you, go for it! But Mr Kipling is also very yummy!
Wedding Cake – From Waitrose, i decorated it myself. I’ll do a blog soon on the different ready-made cakes available.
Cake Toppers – My Granny made these, and I love them. I’ll post a link on how-to as soon as I find one! Or get my Granny to write a blog article for us!
Scones and Jam – Homemade by a friend. Mary Berry’s recipe here.
Coffee station
Sandwiches – All handmade on the day by my fabulous sister-in-law. So much cheaper than buying them ready made, blog on sandwich options coming soon.
Gluten free options – Remember all the gluten free, vegans, vegetarians, allergy suffering and intolerant guests you have coming. Supermarkets have a wide range of options now.
Cake Stands and trays – Borrowed from friends and family.
Paper cups/ paper plates/ napkins – From Poundworld.
BBQ meat – Our local butcher, collected on the day

Wine Laithwaites
Beer/ cider – Tesco
Prosecco – Waitrose
Bucks Fizz

Hair by Jess Harris
Make up by Beth Lloyd
Hair clips – I made these myself, tutorial coming soon
Nails – I put on my own false nails just before i went to sleep the night before the wedding, the first time ive ever done it, and they looked great. So much choice out there, but I used Elegant Touch. I’ve recently found that they sell these in Poundworld!

Transport – My Maid of Honour’s other half drove me and her to the ceremony and took Andy and I back to the reception after. A fancy car wasn’t on my list of must-haves so this was a great way of saving money. We tied a nice cream ribbon to the car to make it more festive!

Honeymoon – First Choice

Mr and Mrs Game – You can put this together yourself, i’ll put a blog post together for you to print and use soon.

Photography – Two of my cousins husbands did the photography for us Thomas Bradford and Michael Williamson. They both have fancy cameras and all the gear, and were happy to help on the day. They took amazing photos and it meant we got to get all the pictures they took. It was free, but were completely indebted to them, this was a huge moneysaver!
Photo album – We bought one from John Lewis with some vouchers Andrew got from work. It was in the sale, so a total bargain!
Photo printing – Boots. Check MSE for any deals, and make sure you look out for free new member prints too!

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