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Our Philosophy

Getting engaged and married is such an amazing time in a couple's life, for them and their families. However, costs for weddings are spiralling and we believe that you shouldn't need to get yourself into a mountain of debt for a single days shenanigans! You want some money for other important shenanigans, right? A house? A baby? Your own business? Travelling? A pension? Or just so you're not living off baked beans for the first five years of your marriage! So, here is a site dedicated to all brides and grooms who grew or are growing their weddings at home, doing it themselves, saving money and in the process having an extremely personal, more affordable and rewarding day.

Our Story

I'm Frances, and this is my blog. Welcome! I've been planning my wedding since I was five years old, and in July 2017 I finally got to walk down the aisle with my best friend, Andrew. We have a nearly-two year old daughter and are currently saving for a house deposit so a blow-out wedding wasn't an option, so we planned and did it all ourselves (with a lot of help from friends and family) all for under £2,000 (read more about our big day in our Wedding Story). I believe you can have a fabulous and bespoke wedding day without breaking the bank, so I'm using my experience and passion for weddings (I do love a good wedding) to spread the inspiration and info for other brides and grooms to do the same. I'd love to hear about your homegrown wedding, so please contact me here.

Meet The Colemans

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Frances Coleman

Founder and Editor

This is Frances' first blog. She's has a variety of jobs in the past including lifeguard, barmaid and executive assistant but now she's a full time mummy to Anna. Frances can usually be found taking orders from her daughter but when Anna finally decides to sleep she'll be rooting around on Pinterest, working on craft projects or watching sport, a box set or film with Andrew.

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Andrew Coleman

CFO and The Husband

Andrew is an IT traffic manager by weekday and husband, daddy and film buff by night and weekend. He LOVES films, his favourite is Goodfellas. Andrew supports Arsenal (when he can bear to watch them). Andrew knew nothing about weddings or how to organise one, until he helped Frances organise theirs. He is looking forward to joining Frances at future wedding fairs and learning a whole lot more.

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Anna Coleman

The Boss

Anna is nearly 2 years old. She loves jumping, police cars and dancing to music. Anna loves hanging out with mummy and daddy and seeing her grandparents, aunties and uncles, cousins and other family too. She's just learning to count and working on her colours. Her favourite foods are bananas, cheese sandwiches and pizza.

Have you had or are you planning your own homegrown wedding?

If you'd like to share your wedding story with us, we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.